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University of Redlands

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Labyrinths, Portfolio, Walkable Meditation Labyrinths

Architect’s vision for University of Redlands Labyrinth, Redlands, California – Built by Labyrinth Enterprises back in November 2004- Robert Ferre, Chuck Hunner, John Ridder, and Dan Raven.


How it actually turned out. Thanks to Robert Ferre for this image from his website:


Detail of the scored, un-colored, concrete in the Chartres Rose at the center of the University of Redlands Chartres Labyrinth.

We use Elite Crete polymer cement to color the lines. It is a cement, pigment, and acrylic mix that is stronger than the cement it is painted on. This compound is traffic rated. After 24 hours you can drive your car over it! 
Partially colored labyrinth.
We used to apply the color one paint brush load at a time.

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