Permanent Labyrinths

How to draw 7 circuit classic labyrinth

Draw the Seven Circuit Classic Labyrinth so that you can find Labyrinth Consciousness everywhere. All you need is pen, paper and 60 seconds. Click on this link to my youtube channel to see the demonstration: It's easy....

Trinity Methodist Church, Ruston, Louisiana

Ruston, Louisiana, August 2006 Scored Chartres Labyrinth colored with Elite Crete concrete polymer. Labyrinth Enterprises created this project. Next is an image of Chuck Hunner on the left and Pamela Mann on the right. They are scoring the labyrinth lines into the...

Boone Medical Center, Columbia, Missouri

Labyrinth construction journal beginning September 14th and ending September 23rd, 2004 Nancy Mertzlufft organized this project. That's Nancy on the left and Robert Ferre on the right. She raised the funds, went to the hospital and asked for the land, and made it...

Church of the Good Shepard, Augusta, Georgia

The Good Shepard renovated their Fellowship Hall. Their Rector knew that a labyrinth would fit into the new space. The paths are more narrow than the original Chartres. The smaller pattern still works to calm and center those who choose to walk it. The renovation is...

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