Permanent Labyrinths

St. Dominic Care Facility

St. Dominic's Labyrinth - Houston Late November 2002 Here are some images from the work at St. Dominic's. In the beginning,  pavers laid by Marty Kermeen. His paver brick work is second to none. You can get a feel for his excellence by looking at the last image on...

Danville Labyrinth Project

Early December 2002 Robert Ferre, of  Labyrinth Enterprises, was commissioned by the Danville Labyrinth Project to cut a Veriditas variation of the Chartres pattern into their slab. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Robert to help. The 43 foot sandstone slab is...

About the View

Labyrinth walking will amplify the person. Part of the walk is the surroundings. When I am walking a labyrinth in a small room I feel the confines of the environment. It tends to drive me deeper into myself. When I walk a labyrinth that has expansive views around it,...


Golden Spirit has specialized in labyrinths since 1998 when I met with Richard Feather Anderson. Feather showed me a pamphlet he'd written about labyrinths. I made one on the beach in Naples, Florida and walked it. The walk impressed me that labyrinths are the easiest...

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