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Marionjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Wheaton Illinois

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Labyrinths

We installed this labyrinth June of 2006. west of Chicago, Marionjoy’s labyrinth is surrounded by a cafeteria and treatment rooms. Lovely to look out through the windows and see the labyrinth garden. The windows act like mirrors. Everywhere a walker turns, there they are. Perfect metaphor for having ourselves reflected where ever we turn.

Robert Ferre as Labyrinth Enterprises organized this project. Robert, Judy Hopen, John Ridder, Melissa Ridder (now Churchwell) and I did most of the work.

The labyrinth after we finished coloring.

Judy Hopen smiling for the camera. The white strips on the concrete are the tape layout for starting and stopping our saw cuts. 

We cut this pattern in our usual way. Judy Hopen minding the electric cords, John Ridder running the vacuum cleaner catching concrete dust. Chuck Hunner cutting the concrete.

Care must be taken when walking across lines of wet polymer cement. 

They had drums at the dedication of this finished Veriditas Variation of the Chartres Labyrinth pattern.

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