Permanent Labyrinths

Our Permanent Labyrinths on Concrete

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Grand Cayman labyrinth with Granitite Chartres pattern applied on top of the concrete:

Chartres Labyrinth at National Gallery of Grand Cayman.

In order to create a ‘Granitite’ labyrinth, we lay out the Chartres Pattern with masking tape on either side of where the lines will go.

Next, we apply the Granitite and then pull up the tape.

Granitite Chartres labyrinth

Applying the color to our masking tape pattern – creating Granitite labyrinth

After some detailing of the edges of the lines and an application of sealer, we have a labyrinth:

Scored labyrinths are cut into the concrete. This is a picture of a labyrinth near Salina, Kansas with my family walking:

A summer labyrinth walk in Salina, Kansas.

We make a scored labyrinth by laying out masking tape points to start and stop cutting the lines.  Each piece of tape in the image below shows where we start and stop cutting.

masking tape layout for scored labyrinth

Masking tape layout of start cutting and stop cutting points for a scored concrete labyrinth

Caution: Noisy video with sound of diamond blade cutting concrete linked to YouTube! This video shows how we cut the lines of a labyrinth into concrete with a diamond blade and a compass invented by Robert Ferre.

The next image shows me coloring the lines with a black polymer cement. You are right – I am using a paint brush to apply the goopy color.

Labyrinth line coloring

Coloring the scored lines with a polymer concrete.

You can see the inlaid look on the lines of this 12 year old labyrinth. Interestingly, the owners of the labyrinth have not maintained it by re-sealing in all that time. It needs to be re-sealed again in order to dissolve those white lines and restore the original color.

Scored labyrinth with 14 years of weathering. These labyrinths really stand up to the elements!

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