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These are labyrinths that I’ve installed and/or helped install on concrete slabs since 2002. We specialize in cutting the pattern into concrete. After the pattern has been scored into the concrete we color it with a polymer concrete. The polymer concrete is actually stronger than the original slab. We also make labyrinths using a colored polymer Granite mixture without scoring the concrete. 


1. 2002 November Kanuga North Carolina
2. 2002 December, Danville, Kentucky
3. 2002 November Houston, Texas, St. Dominic Care Facility
4. 2003 July, Santa Barbara, Trinity Episcopal Church
5. 2003 August, Maxey-Gregg Cancer Survivors Park, Columbia, South Carolina
6. 2004 August, Church of the Good Shepard, Augusta, Georgia
7. 2004 September, Boone Medical Center, Columbia, Missouri
8. 2004 September, All Saints Catholic Cemetery, Salina Kansas
9. 2004 November, University of Redlands, California
10. 2004 November, Private Residence, St. Mary’s, Maryland
11. 2005 September, First Presbyterian Church, Livermore, California
12. 2006 March, First United Methodist Church, Ventura, California
13. 2006 June, Marionjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Wheaton Illinois
14. 2006 August, Trinity Methodist Church, Ruston, Louisiana
15. 2006 August, Bright School, Chattanooga, Tennessee
16. 2006 September, Lafayete-Orinda Presbyterian Church
17. 2007 April, Murray Utah, Intermountain Medical Center
18. 2007 September, Yanney Heritage Park, Kearney, Nebraska
19. 2008 June, Sophia Retreat and Event Center, Dolores, Colorado
20. 2010 June, Eliada Home, Asheville, North Carolina
21. 2010 November, Private Residence, Ft. Smith, Arkansas
22. 2011 April, Veterans Hospital, Marion Indiana
23. 2011 October, Massachusetts Psychiatric Hospital, Wooster, Mass.
24. 2012 September, Denison College, Granville, Ohio
25. 2013 January, National Gallery of Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman Island
26. 2015 August, John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge, Lafayette, Illinois
27. 2016 April, Community Cancer Center, Normal, Illinois

28. 2017 March, Fleet Landing Retirement Community, Atlantic Beach, Florida

29. 2017 June, Community Memorial Hospital, Ventura, California

30. 2017 June,  BroMenn Medical Center, Normal, Illinois

31. 2017 October, J. Iverson Riddle Chapel, Morganton, North Carolina



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