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Pilgrimage jewelry pendant in sterling silver  shows that you are on the path to finding your Holy Grail. This Pilgrims’ Symbol is traditional for the path of Santiago de Campostela.  An American Quarter is shown to the right for size.

This pendant is completely antiqued except for the Santiago de Campostela Pilgrimage symbol in polished sterling silver. The bright silver provides a delightful contrast to the darkened silver behind.

The symbol by which pilgrims know each other is the Scallop Shell. I offer both a pendant pendant with the traditional radiating lines on a solid background and a sterling silver casting of a scallop shell.

These pilgrimage jewelry pendants in sterling silver show that you are on your path to finding your Holy Grail. Wearing this sacred symbol lets those around you know what you are about.

Each of these pendants is hand fabricated by me. If they are ‘out of stock’ use the contact form to ask me to make another. It will take from 3 days to 3 weeks for me to send it to you. Thanks!

Chain not included unless otherwise noted.

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Antiqued pilgrimage pendant in sterling silver tells that you are a pilgrim on a quest for your Holy Grail.


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