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St. Dominic Care Facility

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St. Dominic’s Labyrinth – Houston

Late November 2002

Here are some images from the work at St. Dominic’s.

In the beginning,  pavers laid by Marty Kermeen. His paver brick work is second to none. You can get a feel for his excellence by looking at the last image on this page.Marty and a helper installed the pavers in late October.

From left to right, Judy Hopen, Robert Ferre, Sister Heloise. Judy was Robert’s assistant and main labyrinth layout artist and painter. Robert Ferre is the world’s foremost labyrinth maker. Sister Heloise was our liaison with the Sisters of St. Dominic. She knew right where to get any last minute supplies. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Notice how Marty laid the straight paths to and from the center in one direction. Then he laid the rest of the bricks in concentric circles around the center.

Amazing the kind of work a lady will do if you give her the right tools! Judy cutting a path end, Robert acting heavy on the end of the saw pivot.
A bunch of wonderful volunteers came out to help us paint.
This is how it looks after just one coat of stain!
A detail of the Rose. You can see the exquisite paving work by Marty Kermeen. He contracted Robert to do the detailing and staining on this project. Marty’s skill is evident in the design of the ‘Rose’. The pavers flow into the Rose laid parallel to the entry path. Notice how each paver at the outer edge of the center had to be trimmed to fit the concentric path pattern. Marty’s cutting is so accurate that the contact between the Rose and the paths is visible only as a change in pattern. He cut and fit each individual brick with such accuracy that there are no gaps! The trefoil patterns at the root of each petal are hand cut by Marty. We only had to stain them.Marty’s paver labyrinths are the best in the world. His work is so precise and meticulous that you’d think he was a gem cutter! Indeed, this labyrinth is a real gem. Find Marty’s website here:
The Houston Dominican Sisters were extremely helpful and hospitable.Their Mission is comprehensive:

They study and address the crucial justice issues of our times. They assume the risks inherent in preaching and teaching the gospel. They are working to transform social structures which oppress the powerless, ministering with them in their common struggle to remain faithful to the Word of God.

If you’d like to contribute to their work, please stop by





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