Permanent Labyrinths

Trinity Methodist Church, Ruston, Louisiana

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Labyrinths

Ruston, Louisiana, August 2006

Scored Chartres Labyrinth colored with Elite Crete concrete polymer.

Labyrinth Enterprises created this project. Next is an image of Chuck Hunner on the left and Pamela Mann on the right. They are scoring the labyrinth lines into the concrete with a diamond edged saw blade connected to a weighted center swivel. This is a compass that draws lines into the concrete. It is noisy, dirty business. I love it! 

You can see our tape layout on the concrete. Each piece of tape marks either start or stop cutting points in the pattern.

John Ridder, sun tanned and wondering if he would ever have to go back to Indianapolis. I think the Deep South was growing on John. We ate so well there that we all put on a few pounds!

The bell tower behind John afforded me an eagle’s eye view of the project:

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